About Us

Gruner India Private Limited is a joint venture between Mr. Brij Mohan Vaish and Gruner AG for the manufacturing of their products in India. Mr. Vaish who is a successful industrialist and an alumni of IIT Roorkee is equipped with a BE in Electronics and an MBA from FMS, Delhi. Mr. Vaish has a rich experience of 40 years in the manufacturing & marketing of engineering components & products.

Company Brief
1953Founded by Wolfgang Gruner
1954Introduction of actuators line
1962Introduction of solenoids line
1977Opening of assembly facility in Tunesian
1978Introduction of latching relays
1985Introduction of magnetic latching relay series 700
1994Introduction of new actuator series
1996ISO 9001 certification
1997Production facility expansion by 12,000 sq. ft.
1998Introduction of TQM by EFQM Production facility expansion by 15,000 sq. ft. company incorporated under german law, change to Gruner AG
1999Introduction of actuator line with LON Bus
2000Company restructuring, introduction of work groups
2001Development of the solenoids 501, 551 and Relay 715
2001Development of the solenoids 501, 551 and Relay 715
2002Development of a differential pressure sensor. Entering the US market with actuators
2003Introduction of the Gruner actuator line for volume flow and pressure control for the HVAC industries
2004Production facility expansion by 25,000 sq. ft.
2007Production facility expansion by 40,000 sq. ft. (Expanions in Germany and Tunisia / New Factory in Serbia) 460 Employees (Germany: 280 / Tunisia: 150 / Serbia: 30)
2008Gruner India came into being as a result of a joint venture to manufacture Gruner products in India.