Discover the new freedom of choice in building management

The market for high-quality actuators is definitely buzzing. But not everything flying around out there will give you the sensible solutions you need. How fortunate for your freedom of choice that we've been causing a big buzz for quite a while now,

with a truly comprehensive range of actuators from classic and air volume control to LON, and from very speedy rotation actuators to small spindle drives.

The numerous different design features of GRUNER actuators for building management and fire-protection technology include:

  • the use of DC motors for safe cut-out on overload
  • flexible drive for classic 2-point and 3-point as well as proportional controls
  • GRUNER actuators can be supplied with synchronous and step motors on request
  • Communicability in bus systems (LON, and also AS-i, TCP/IP on request)
  • All actuators conform to the DIN-VDE standards and CE guidelines. UL designs can also be supplied.

Our technology is reliable and innovative - and our motto in the market is "competent, flexible, friendly."

Pleased to meet you: GRUNER - The Friendly Alternative


For the switching and regulation of dampers and valves. Application in mixed air ducts and blind dampers. For the regulation of central and decentralized ventilation systems. For smoke and waste gas shutters. Motorized ball valve for drinking, heating, cooling, consumed water, condensate, air, e.g. as zone valve. The actuator has communication capability with LON-bus systems. All servomotors conform to the DIN-VDE-standards and CE-guide lines.

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